The fundamental vision of Melchisedec Graduate Bible Academy according to the Lord's command is to train men and women who as disciples of our Lord Jesus, and part of God's end time army, are dedicated to the service of God on the basis of "freely you receive freely give", and to take them higher than what Help and Reconciliation Ministry and Bible Training College could offer or offered them.

In this sense, the University gives all its students opportunity to study from Basic, Advanced certificate, Diploma, Associate, Bachelors, Masters and up to Doctorate degrees tuition free and admission free.

The main objective of Melchisedec Graduate Bible Academy is to teach its students pure word of God which many people in Christendom today call "old school" and which will help to impart true Christian discipline in them. It will also help the faith of the students who are prospective ministers of the Gospel build on solid foundation of true Christianity and not on the wisdom of men.

For this reason, apart from the academic requirements, students applying for admission into this Institution, must be born again, baptized in water and the Holy Ghost, and must have resolved to be trained ministers of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, irrespective of nationality, gender, race, age, disability, ethnicity, color, etc.

The University does not seek to manipulate or force its students to change their allegiance to their churches or denominations or ministries as we are out to serve the Christian family. Rather we help each student to have a personal and more solid relationship with the Lord Jesus through His Holy Spirit by giving them a firm and sound biblical foundation from which to understand their calling and vision of the kingdom, and also be able to understand the end time moves of the Holy Spirit.