We have been providing these services to our students for the past 10 years according to the Lord’s instruction, until recently when the financial burden of providing these services began to be heavy on us, and the Lord instructed us to open up our network so that He will bring in God-fearing men and women of like-mind, corporations, foundations, organizations, churches, etc, who have committed themselves to assisting the Lord’s work by providing scholarships and assistance for our students.

Our students are faithful men and women of God who come from various states and christian denominations in Nigeria to prepare them for the Lord’s work. From its inception, admission, tuition, books and certificates are provided free of charge. This is because students are unable to afford the high cost of tuition, books, certificates, etc, and are therefore admitted and trained on scholarship. After their pastoral training at MELBAC, they begin their journey of serving the Lord as apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, teachers, church administrators, counsellors, missionaries, etc. according to their calling.

Our objective according to the Lord’s command is to train end-time ministers of God on a free-of-charge basis in preparation for their ministerial duties. Our curriculum exceeds both national and international standards for Christian universities. Our lecturers are world class dedicated ministers of God whose qualifications meet the necessary requirements for their courses of instruction.

Melchisedec Graduate Bible Academy (MELBAC) is an institution of graduate and post graduate studies and is recognized by the Federal Government of Nigeria to award certificate, diploma, baccalaureate (bachelors), masters and doctorate degrees.