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Chidi Akoma

Pastor Chidi Akoma, Dean of Student Affirs wishes a warm welcome to all students.

Whether it’s enjoying the student music ministry on campus, cheering on your classmates in a heated game of Soccer, you’ll always find something to do at MELBAC.

Student Clubs

You can make friends and develop leadership skills through one of our clubs including:
  • Prison and Hospital Ministry
  • Widows and Orphanage Care
  • Christian Music Ministry
  • Student Union

Student Development

We are firmly convinced that student life is an integral part of a student's educational experience. The maturity and growth in wisdom of a student takes place throughout the learning environment: in the classroom, the community, or the library.

A student development staff is uniquely positioned to be able to take advantage of those teachable moments in the lives of students. Whether it's through relationships, programs, or counseling, the student development staff views themselves as partners with the faculty in the critical role of educating students. Our goal for our students is their growth in wisdom and discernment as they develop the ability to anticipate the end result of choices before those choices are made and to then make the best possible decision.