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MELBAC Partners International is a network of partners that span across the globe; from Africa to Europe, Asia, North America, South America and Australia. Our parners help us in various ways, including providing financial assitance to cover the cost of training one or more students in our various degree programs.

Our partners meet twice a year to discuss the affairs of the school and to identify other ways in which they can provide additional assistance. We pray daily for our partners, their families, their ministries/churches, their jobs/businesses, etc. We also organize special praying team to fast and pray for our partners on request. Our widely distributed newsletter, our website and also our Facebook account also provide our partners various opportunities to advertise their businesses, products and services. We host a yearly partner’s dinner where we give awards to partners who have gone above and beyond the call of duty in rendering assistance to push forward the kingdom of God.

It is our prayer that the Lord will use you to meet the needs of our pastors-in-training by providing financial assistance for awarding scholarship to our students.

Please join the MELBAC Partners International today by contacting us:

  • Nigeria
    Melchisedec Graduate Bible Academy
    House 1 F Close 7th Ave (By 71 Road Junction, near Mountain of Fire and Ministries Provincial headquarters)
    Festac, Lagos Nigeria
    Nigeria Phone: 234 803 347 6693, +234 905 300 0694, +234 701 852 9185

  • USA
    Help And Reconciliation Ministry
    50 4th Avenue
    Newark NJ 07104 USA
    USA Phone: 908 205 2535

  • E-mail us