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The Bachelor of Christian Education degree prepares individuals for a professional career in the education of children and older youth in private and Christian schools. Education majors are exposed to the best possible curriculum, methods and hands-on experience through student teaching.

Students must successfully complete all courses listed below.


Courses For Bachelors in Christian Education


Year 1

RS219 Christian Character Development
RS102 Christian Life
RS101 Dynamic Christian Foundations
BI100 Hermeneutics
RS103 Introduction to Communication: Evangelism
GE112 Introduction to Management
BI102 New Testament Survey
CC101 Sociology of the Family
RS109 Spiritual Formation: Journey to Wholeness


Year 2

BI202 Book of Acts
RS209 Faith Dynamics
GE220 Financial Integrity and Stewardship
CC201 Introduction To Psychology: Christian Perspective
ED101 Introduction to Teaching
BI101 Old Testament Survey
BI203 Romans and Galatians
RS212 Speech and Communication: Homiletics
BI103 The Pentateuch
RS105 Theology of Worship


Year 3

RS200 History of Civilization: Church History
RS210 Blood Covenant of God
GE201 Cultural Anthropology: A Christian Perspective
RS217 Introduction to Charismatic Theology
RS304 Introduction to Leadership
RS305 Introduction to World Missions
BI302 Major and Minor Prophets
RS301 Pastoral Ministry
RS314 Principles and Philosophy of Church Growth
CC301 Self Concept Studies in Biblical Inner Healing


Year 4

Advanced Hermeneutics
CC401 Pastoral Counseling
RS435 Introduction to Christian Theology
RS442 Church Growth and Development
RS444 Advanced Christian Worldview Studies
CC415 Human Development from a Christian Perspective
ED401 Philosophy of Christian Education
ED403 Curriculum Development in Christian Education
ED410 Teaching Methodology from a Christian Perspective