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Regular Admission

End of August - End of October yearly

Supplementary Admission / Late Admission

late  November – Mid January yearly. Lectures for Students admitted in this period begin in late January

First Semester

4th Week of October New Student Registration and 1 week of intensive fasting and prayers
1st Week of November Lectures begin
2nd Week of November to 3rd Week of November Preparation for Matriculation, Convocation and Annual University Seminar
2nd Week of December - 2nd Week of January Chrismas Vacation
2nd Week of January First Semester continues
1st Week of February First Semester seminar
3rd Week of March - 4th Week of March First Semester Exams
4th Week of March First Semester Ends

Second Semester Session

4th Week of April Second Semester Begin
1st Week of May Lectures Begin
2nd Week of June Second Semester Seminar
2nd Week of August - 3rd Week of August Second Semester Exams
3rd Week of August Second Semester Ends
3rd Week of August - 2nd Week of November Ministerial Attachment for Diploma/Bachelors Degree Graduates


Christmas Vacation:                2nd week of December to 2nd week of January
First Semester Vacation:         4th week of March to 4th week of April
Second Semester Vacation:     3rd week of August to 3rd week of October